Thursday, March 27, 2014

40 days of gratitude: Day Twenty

Day twenty: March 27, 2014 

At least two or three times a day, I run into someone, at work or dropping the kids off at school or grocery shopping, who asks after baby Luca. I always say the same thing, something about how he's so big, he's growing so fast, how he isn't even a baby anymore. I half laugh, half whimper at how that is SO true, and how somehow, the more of us there are, the faster it all seems to move. I am fearful that I will lay down to sleep one night, my little nursling snuggled against me, and wake up to a gangley teenager in braces asking me for the car keys. 

It's been five months. FIVE MONTHS. This baby is round and dimply and smiles and laughs and he is adored. I have mentioned before how when Jack was a baby, my Mom used to say how if we only knew how people fell all over themselves to love us up as babies we would never struggle later on to feel cared for. And THIS baby, this baby who was born in this miraculous rush of emotion and chaos into a family that not long before that had a hole blown through it- he is our light. It's funny, how each one of these children has changed who we all are individually and as a whole and made us better:

Jack taught us to be parents, 
Maria taught us to be a family, 
Gabby taught us to laugh at ourselves, 
and Luca taught us to love.   

I am grateful for that.

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  1. I think the same thing about my kids - that each one brings something special to the family. Love this post.